Dealer Policies

Updated September 15, 2007
If you are interested in being a dealer at Winter War, you must fill out and send in a Dealer Form.

Dealer Inquiry Deadline: The middle of December. Check the Dealer's Form for exact dates.

From the Convention FAQ:

Q: I would like to sell games, cards, artwork, etc at Winter War. How do I reserve some space for a booth?

A: Space for dealers of all sorts is limited at Winter War, so all requests for such space should be made as early as possible through the Convention Chairman. Winter War policy has been to offer space first to those dealers who have participated in the previous year's convention. New dealers who would like space are placed on a waiting list to fill any vacancies that might arise.

Please note that only dealers officially recognized by the Winter War staff will be allowed to conduct business at the convention. We understand that a certain amount of private sales and swaps occur at gaming conventions, but once you start acting like a 'wheeler-dealer' you will be asked to leave.

Another possibility for the profit-minded would be our extremely popular Live Auction. Cost to put an item on the auction is 50 cents. The staff reserves the right to refuse to place an item in the auction. Individual collectible cards will always be rejected. Please also note that due to time constraints your item may not come up for bidding, in which case it will be returned to you. The Live Auction is an exciting way to 'recycle' your gaming dollars.

The following Dealer Policies were drafted as an extension of our overall convention policies. All of these appear in some form either on the dealer request form or in the convention program. We invite your response and commentary.

  • Anyone selling items at the convention who is not a registered dealer at the convention will be asked to leave the convention area at the discretion of the Convention Chairman.
  • Dealers bear full responsibility for collecting sales tax for all transactions, and compliance with all relevant laws for conducting sales within the City of Champaign, the State of Illinois, and the United States of America.
  • Each invited dealer receives two free weekend passes to the convention; additional dealer attendees must register and pay as either daily or weekend attendees. Any dealer attendee judging two or more events will be considered a judge with a free weekend pass, which will not count against the dealer's free passes.
  • The Winter War Gaming Convention cannot provide booth attendants or assistance loading and unloading product.
  • Dealer spaces are in the Main Gaming area; the Winter War Gaming Convention cannot guarantee the safety of unattended dealer merchandise.
  • All Main Gaming convention space will be locked up when the Evening time slots are completed each day, at the discretion of the convention staff.
  • If you have any problems or need assistance, look for someone wearing a purple badge (convention staff). All dealer-related issues are handled by the Convention Chairman.
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