Winter War FAQ

Updated October 7, 2009

Q: Where is Champaign, Ilinois?

A: Click Here for a map!

Q: Where are the Hawthorn Suites?

A: Click Here for a Map!

Q: Why don't you have {insert name of company or game} events at your convention?

A: More than likely, we didn't have anyone who wanted to run that kind of event this last year - contact us immediately about running that game for our next Winter War!

Q: Why don't you have movies for non-gamers at your convention?

A: Commercial fees for movie display is very expensive; it is not as simple as getting a VCR and playing a tape - that is illegal, and while you probably won't get caught, if we do, we are just a tiny local organization, and not millionaires.

Q: Why don't you get some game designers as guests, or hold seminars?

A: If you want to go to a seminar, or see a designer formally, go to a convention like GenCon or Origins. We believe that Winter War is here to PLAY GAMES. Successful game designers want a per diem fee, as well as room and board, plus often, a companion, paid for, as well as travel expenses. We provide a quality environment to play games, and since playing is our focus, we're going to stick to that. It's what we're good at.

Q: What happened to Al Conrad?

A: He's still here! He is the Convention Treasurer, and he also runs our live auction! After the WW20 (1993) convention, Al decided to take a break and let someone younger sweat the small stuff. I (Don McKinney) opened my mouth.

Q: I would like to sell games, cards, artwork, etc at Winter War. How do I reserve some space for a booth?

A: See our Dealer Policy webpage.

Q: I would like to run a game or two next year at Winter War. What do I need to do?

A: See our Judges Policy webpage.

Q: What is your refund policy if I can't make it?

A: We've long said, "You can't have a Winter War without snow!" So, while all refunds are at the Convention Chairman's discretion, generally we only issue refunds for event cancellations, military duty or schedule changes.

Q: What happened to the University of Illinois Conflict Simulation Society?

A: As of Winter War 35, we no longer have a direct connection to the University, and the Conflict Simulation Society no longer exists as a student organization.

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